2006 – 2021


Healing Haiti’s Timeline

It all started with abundant love and faith in God’s vision for Haiti.

God planned for us to be part of a family. Our focus is on helping Haitians help themselves so they can keep their families together. With a 70 percent unemployment rate, many mothers and fathers find making a commitment to a family structure challenging. We want to help break the cycle of parents abandoning their children or giving them to orphanages or into child slavery. We believe that we can help do that by creating jobs.

“People in Haiti don’t want handouts. They want jobs. I’m proud to be a man who has money to take care of his family, to have money in my pocket to give to his wife to go the market. It’s important as a man to have dignity, to be able to hold your head up. My job has provided that to me.’’ -Solomon, of Titanyen, a husband, and father.

– Solomon, of Titanyen, a husband, and a father


The First Trip to Haiti

God breaks Alyn and Jeff’s heart in haiti and Healing Haiti is founded.


The Dream Begins

Land cleared for the future Grace Village dorms and feeding center.

3 million gallons of water are delivered to to Cite Soleil.

Reiser Heights school is completed and 10 missionaries travel to Haiti.



Ten Mission Trips to Haiti

Land cleared for Grace Village dorms and feeding center.

Healing Haiti’s Elder Care program established and 10 short-term missionaries serve in Haiti.


Construction of Grace Village Begins

Grace Village construction begins. 

35 short-term missionaries serve in Haiti.



The Haitian Earthquake

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocks Haiti to its core, killing hundreds of thousands, leaving families torn apart and having over a million people homeless.

65 people travel with Healing Haiti to help relieve suffering.


Grace Village Opens

Grace Village opens as a ‘City On A Hill’.

Grace becomes a home for 40 children.

200 short-term missionaries visit Haiti.


Grace Academy Opens

• Grace Academy opens, educating over 300 students in the community of Titanyen.

40 Grace children live at Grace Village.

Guesthouse number 2 is built in Delmas 31.

600 missionaries serve in Haiti.


900 Missionaries Serve in Haiti

Ground is broken for Grave Village Family Homes, Grace Clinic, and Grace Church in Titanyen.

900 short-term missionaries serve in Haiti.


Grace Church, Titanyen is Planted

Grace Clinic opens with full-term Haitian medical staff and Grace Church in Titanyen opens its doors.

1000 missionaries serve in Haiti.

Grace Village converts its model from dorm living to family homes for the Grace Children, raised up with parents and love. 


Hope Church, Cite Soleil Breaking Ground

Hope Church, Cite Soleil construction procedes.

Ground is broken for Fleri Bakery in Titanyen.

120 full-time jobs are created, impacting hundreds of people.


Let There Be Hope!

Hope Church opens its doors bringing the light of Christ into Cite Soleil.

Hope School opens with kindergarten and adult literacy classes.

1200 missionaries travel to Haiti.


Job Creation in Motion

Fleri Restaurant and Bakery is established with 25 employees.

28 acres is purchased to create Fleri Farms.


A Time To Heal: Hope Clinic Opens

Hope Clinic in Cite Soleil opens giving medical care to thousands of people in its first year.

Healing Haiti’s Innovation Computer Center opens at Grace Academy, creating a world of ideas for students in Haiti.

Local Sourcing initiative is launched.


Local Sourcing and Feeding Centers

Hope School Innovation Center opens in Cite Soleil.

Cite Soleil feeding center serves 135,000 meals to students, the elderly, and vulnerable families.


Fleri Farm: A New Vision

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, with Haiti isolated due to closures of airports our Haitian staff continued to operate our life-saving ministries including our medical clinics in Titanyen and Cite Soleil.

Fleri Bakery produces 7 million pieces of bread during a time of increased food insecurity.

Fleri Farms introduces it’s community farming program with 100 families having access to land to create farming businesses.


Haiti: No Matter What

Going forward in Faith and building Healing Haiti’s relational capital in the communities we serve to make sustainable imacts and improving the lives of over 5,000 familes.