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Cite Soleil is widely regarded as the poorest and most dangerous place on the Western Hemisphere. It’s a place where the estimated life expectancy is under 40. Haitian elders (those 65 and over) who live in Cite Soleil are as rare as they are vital to the health of the community. Our City Soleil elders have experienced unimaginable horrors while holding firm to their conviction in the goodness of God.

We are honored to reflect God’s heart for elders (e.g. Isaiah 46:4) through our Cite Soleil Elder Care Program.

We invite you to join us through our Sponsorship Program.  

Cite Soleil Elders Receive:

  • Regular home visits from our Haitian staff 
  • Access to medical care (including medications) at Hope Clinic 
  • Daily meals at Hope Village
  • Community building events through Hope Church 
  • Educational opportunities for their grandchildren


Sponsors receive:


  • Photos and/or letters on a periodic basis 
  • Newsletters highlighting elder care ministries
  • The opportunity to send letters, cards, and photos
  • The option of visiting sponsored elder in Haiti

Eldercare Spotlight: Bonita

Benita…beautiful Benita.
In December of 2􏰁18, a small team of women were on a Service Impact Trip and were spending the day in Cite Soleil. We were visiting a few of the Elders’ homes when we came across Benita. I had met Benita before and she had been in a wheelchair, she had suffered a stroke in the past and was already wheelchair bound from that. She was laying on a sheet in the porch area of her home. She was very clearly uncomfortable. We knelt down on the ground by her to pray and we tried to provide her some comfort. We were uncertain what had happened but quickly reali􏰗ed she had just had another stroke. She was alone, in pain and scared! She was trying to tell us what had happened.

I feel like God put our team in THAT place at THAT time. I am the Elder Advisor for Healing Haiti and God knew where to send our team that day. He knew she needed help quickly. Our team, interpreters and the staff at Hope Church and School were able to get her to a nearby hospital. She spent quite a bit of time in the hospital before she returned home. Little did we (Healing Haiti) know that Benita would have a built in caregiving family from the wonderful staff of Hope.

Because of the ama􏰗ing care that Benita received from her Hope Church family, Hope Clinic and others, Benita has made a wonderful recovery. This was very evident at the Cite Soleil Elder Christmas party last December. During the worship time, our elders and team danced around the church praising and worshiping God. Benita, with the help of Madame Jean, danced as well. Benita is to all of us, an example of joy in the midst of

pain and hardship, a heart full of thankfulness, and a true miracle of God.

I am so thankful for Healing Haiti and that God called the organi􏰗ation to Cite Soleil. I fear that Benita would not have survived this stroke had Healing Haiti not existed. High blood pressure is rampant in Haiti and before Hope Clinic, Benita never had any opportunity for medical care. Thank you, God, for your provisions that day.