Medical Care

Hope clinic (cite soleil)

& grace Clinic (Titanyen)

Healing Haiti’s Clinics provide essential, life-giving services to about 2,000 Haitians who would otherwise not have access to health care. Both clinics are staffed by Haitian medical professionals and supported by a U.S.-based Medical Advisory Board.


Haiti has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the Western Hemisphere. Our Maternal Heath Care Program resourced over 3,000 mothers last year by providing assessment, education, and resources like ultRasounds, labs, and medication. Learn more about our Maternal Healthcare Program, including how you can support Haitian women (and their children) through monthly sponsorship. 

Cervical Cancer SCreening

Despite being largely preventable through gynecological exams and timely vaccinations, cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths of women in Haiti. Grace Clinic provides HPV screening (a precursor to cervical cancer) and lab analysis. Women who test positive return to Grace Clinic for cryosurgery, preventing cancerous cells from developing. 

Additional Services

Our clinics also offer the following programs:

Childhood and Maternal Immunization Program

Family Planning Program

Chronic Illness Care

Wound Care

Full lab services

Dental Program

Digital X-ray

Staff Spotlight: Nurse Judith


Nurse Judith works directly with the pregnant women at Grace Clinic, providing medical training and helping with other medical tasks done by the nurses in the clinic.

“I know that it is very difficult for pregnant women to find good treatment in Haiti. So, when I see God giving Healing Haiti the opportunity to support pregnant women, this is where I see God acting. I pray that God blesses everyone who helps with the program, and puts more people in our way who have a heart to support this ministry. What I love the most about my job is watching a soon-to-be-mom watch her child grow. We hear the baby’s heartbeat, we do ultrasounds to see the child develop physically. I get to experience that with the mothers.  And after the baby is born, I get to see the baby is  healthy. That really puts joy in my heart.”