The Local Church

Two churches, one heart

Grace Church in Titanyen and Hope Church in Cite Soleil are more than local congregations–they are the spiritual backbone to all the work we do in their communities. Grace and Hope Churches are Haitian-led, volunteer-driven, and committed to faithfully serving two of the most vulnerable populations in Haiti.

Hope Church (Cite Soleil)

Hope Church has two pastors (Dieudonne and Jocelyn) who are devoted to bringing the love of Jesus to Cite Soleil since the church first opened its’ doors in February 2016. Their love and compassion for the people of Cite Soleil is evident in their commitment to be at the church each day, serving those who attend Hope Church, as well as the surrounding community.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the pastors began to do 3-4 Sunday services to allow for social distancing. Some house churches were formed by church leaders so that smaller groups were assembling close to their homes and communications were sent to the leaders through WhatsApp. Also, Pastor Dieudonne and Pastor Jocelyn began to meet with the pastors of a few neighboring churches. Through joint prayer meetings and times of worship, these churches have formed bonds of friendship and unity, and are working together to bring the message of the gospel to Cite Soleil.  

Grace Church (Titanyen)

Hope Church opened in 2014 and is led by Pastor Felix. Grace serves as a beacon within the Titanyen community hosting weddings, funerals, graduations, and other milestone events. On Saturday mornings Grace Church hosts “Kid’s Club”, a ministry founded and led by students of Grace Academy. On Sundays, Grace’s incredible worship band inspires over hundreds of members and visitors (including our Grace Kids) to lift their voices in praise.  

Over the first few months of 2021, God began to move at Grace Church in a unique way as dozens of attenders gave their lives to Christ. We’re proud of all God is doing at Grace Church and believe the best is yet to come!


Staff Highlight: Pastor Dieudonne

Pastor Dieudonne leads Hope Church each day with Faith and Love. When he’s not in the building this Pastor walks along side folks living around the church, helping deliver water and meeting in shanties to share the word of God. He did not grow up in Cite Soleil and it takes a special man of God to choose to work in such a difficult place.