Fleri Bakery


 Fleri Bakery specializes in craft-made breads and pastries for indiviual customers as well as grocery stories, hotels, and resorts. Fleri Bakery also serves as the hub for Healing Haiti’s bread reseller program, which produced 7.5 million pieces of market-style bread in 2020. This bread was resold in community markets throughout Titanyen and Port-au-Prince, providing jobs for over 150 people, and a low-cost food option for thousands of Haitians battling food insecurity.  



The Pay It Forward campaign benefits Fleri Restaurant/Bakery in two crucial ways. First, it helps Fleri continue providing good paying jobs to Haitians. Second, it empowers our staff to display the gift of hospitality to members of the Titanyen community. By directing a meal to a specific individual in Haiti or funding an experience for a family or group, you are supporting job creation in Haiti from the comfort of your own home. Learn more at our Pay it Forward Campaign page:


One of our first hires, Fedor is the rock of our staff at Fleri Bakery. Fedor comes from the Deaf Commumity in Haiti. On his first day at Fleri communication seemed like it might be difficult. It was not. Fedor spread flour on the butcher block tables to write sentences. Today the staff uses ASL to work together. Haiti is a difficult place to live, especially when you are preceived to be different. It’s encouraging to see the synergy of Fleri. People coming together to work and make their lives better.