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Job Creation is a primary way we aim to break the cycle of poverty and elevate Haitian families.

Job creation not only offers dignity, a deeper sense of self-worth, and hope to indivdivual families; it strengthens entire communities, charting a path for a better tomorrow. 

· Job Creation is more than just about the numbers. It’s about the individuals impacted by the jobs, creating economic stability for themselves, their families and their communities.

· It’s about individuals using their God give talents to participate in the local economy and in turn the investment of their families and communities.

· Job Creation in Haiti is about seeing families stay together, unified, and flourishing to create a stronger more robust Haiti.

· Job Creation develops and instills dignity, self-worth, and hope

· Job Creation has the power to life communities out of poverty and empower them to craft a path forward for a better tomorrow.

Due to unrest in Titanyen, we made the difficult decision to close Fleri Restaurant and move the bakery to Delmas. Over a year later, we’re in awe at what God has done, and what once seemed like an impossible dream is now a reality. Fleri Delmas is now a sustainable bakery, provides stable jobs and reliable income for many Haitians, and the bakery has reached 65 weekly resellers of street bread.

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