Job Creation

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Job Creation is a primary way we aim to break the cycle of poverty and elevate Haitian families.

Job creation not only offers dignity, a deeper sense of self-worth, and hope to indivdivual families; it strengthens entire communities, charting a path for a better tomorrow. 

· Job Creation is more than just about the numbers. It’s about the individuals impacted by the jobs, creating economic stability for themselves, their families and their communities.

· It’s about individuals using their God give talents to participate in the local economy and in turn the investment of their families and communities.

· Job Creation in Haiti is about seeing families stay together, unified, and flourishing to create a stronger more robust Haiti.

· Job Creation develops and instills dignity, self-worth, and hope

· Job Creation has the power to life communities out of poverty and empower them to craft a path forward for a better tomorrow.

Job Creation in haiti keeps families together


God planned for us to be part of a family. Our focus is on helping Haitians help themselves so they can keep their families together. With a 70 percent unemployment rate, many mothers and fathers find making a commitment to a family structure challenging. We want to help break the cycle of parents abandoning their children or giving them to orphanages or into child slavery. We believe that we can help do that by creating jobs.

“People in Haiti don’t want handouts. They want jobs. I’m proud to be a man who has money to take care of his family, to have money in my pocket to give to his wife to go the market. It’s important as a man to have dignity, to be able to hold your head up. My job has provided that to me.’’

Solomon, of Titanyen, a husband, and father.


The Orphan Crisis

The orphan crisis in Haiti is catastrophic. Currently, over 32,000 children in Haiti live in orphanages throughout the country. At least 80% of these children actually have living parents. This heartbreaking reality has placed a holy discontent on our hearts to intentionally invest in families through job creation so that parents are never forced to make a decision to give up their children because of financial poverty.

Fleri Boulanje and Fleri Pizzeria

Fleri Boulanje and Fleri Pizzeria is our first job creation initiative to elevate Haitian families. The vision did not come from us. Over two years ago, God provided Healing Haiti with two brick-fired ovens. The ovens did not come with an instruction manual or master plan, but God had a bold vision and He was planting the seeds for something big. After two years of steadfast prayer and discernment, these brick-fired oven seedlings sprouted into a grand vision to build a commercial bakery and full-service pizzeria that will employ over 100 Haitians by 2018.

Fleri Boulanje

Fleri Boulanje is a commercial bakery focused on craft-made artisan bread, pastries, and cookies. Our primary customer base includes grocery stores, hotels and resorts, NGO’s and Christian mission organizations. Fleri Boulanje also prepares amazing market-style breads that are sold weekly in local community markets throughout Titanyen and the surrounding communities.

Fleri Pizzeria

Fleri Pizzeria is connected to the bakery and is a full-service pizzeria with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. Fleri Pizzeria’s menu specializes in New York style pizza with home-made dough, savory scratch-made tomato sauce, high quality mozzarella cheese, and fresh vegetables grown by local Haitian farmers. Other menu items include sandwiches featuring Fleri Boulanje’s artisan bread, local Haitian pates and mouth-watering desserts including Fleri Boulanje’s famous caramel sticky rolls. Our hope is that the restaurant will be a hub for missionaries in Titanyen and local Haitians to come together for fellowship, Bible study, and an opportunity to break bread together. Fleri Pizzeria will also be the next hot spot for mission teams in the community to dine-in and support local job creation.

Come Dine

Do you want to make lasting impact in Haiti? Come dine with us at Fleri Boulanje and Fleri Pizzeria for amazing food made with love and an opportunity to invest in Haitian families.