Food and Water

Clean Water for Cite Soleil

Most of us take access to clean water for granted; in Haiti, clean water is a luxury:

Close to 70% of Haitians do not have direct access to clean water.

Only 24% have access to a toilet

Diseases like cholera and typhoid run rampant in communities using contaminated water

In Cite Soleil (the poorest place in the Western Hemisphere), the statistics are only more horrifying. Residents have no access to plumbing and are dependent on for-profit companies sending trucks in to their community to sell water. 

For over 18 years, Healing Haiti has delivered millions of gallons of free and clean water to the people of Cite Soleil. 

Our water truck ministry has allowed us to build trust with the residents of Cite Soleil. This trust has resulted in the establishment of Hope Church, Hope Academy, Hope Clinic, Elder Care, and Job Creation initiatives.


Fighting Food Insecurity


3.7 million Haitians live in need of urgent food assistance. 

Many organizations are committed to feeding the hungry, but the 288,040 meals we served in 2023 were locally-sourced. That’s because we are committed not only to providing a hand-out, but also a hand-up. The food served through our churches and two feeding centers (in Cite Soleil and Titanyen) help nourish bodies and create jobs. The recipients of our food include:

Students at Hope and Grace Schools 

Members of our Elder Care Program

Ministry Partners (including orphanages)