Elder Care


We believe in daily care and companionship for seniors living in Haiti. For many seniors in Haiti they have out lived their own children and now are orphaned elderly. Unable to work, they have become some of the most vulnerable. We have committed to providing food, medical care, and dignity. Everyday.




Our sponsorship-based Elder Care program serves 115 seniors living in Titanyen and Cite Soleil by meeting both practical and spiritual needs. 
Every elder in our program is provided (to the best of our ability): 
  • Regular home visits from Haitian staff
  • Access to medical care at our clinics
  • Delivery of meals and medications as deemed necessary by staff
  • Monthly delivery of dry food goods and hygiene supplies
  • Educational sponsorship opportunities for children/grandchildren in the individual’s direct care
  • Addressing housing needs and safety concerns
  • Occasional visits from teams of short-term American missionaries
  • Offering educational and community-building events through our churches
Elder Care sponsors receive: 
  • Photos/and or letters on a periodic basis 
  • The opportunity to send letters, cards, and photographs to your sponsored individual
  • The option of visit your sponsored elder while serving on a Healing Haiti mission trip


Madame Jean pioneered our Cite Soleil Elder Program, where she began as a faithful volunteer at Hope Church. She patiently ushered each elder to their seat for church services, attended to their needs during the services, prayed and worshiped with them and helped them back to their homes after. 

 As we began to offer a feeding program and medical care to select elders at Hope Church in 2018, Madame Jean Claude was on the front lines, advocating and caring for each one. She took the responsibility upon herself to make sure each of them received food and care, offered with dignity and the compassion of Christ.Her servant leadership was recognized and she was offered a position working in our Hope kitchens, but she has not for a second lost her passion for serving our elders.

As our Cite Soleil Elder Community program has grown, she now oversees other women who volunteer at Hope Church and ensures that no elder gets overlooked. And of course, she is still also always engaged in the work herself; loving, serving, and setting an example for the rest of us of what it truly looks like to be Jesus to one another.