Healing Haiti opeates its schools among two of the most vulnerable and marginalized populations in Haiti, believing we serve a God who is especially intersted in those forgotten by the world.

For many children living in Haiti, receiving an education is an impossible dream:

Haiti ranks 177 our of 186 countries in government investment in education.

Families must pay for their child’s education (80% of Haitians live on less than $2/day)

The rate of children who reach secondary school is only 20%.


Healing Haiti’s Grace Academy is one of the best-resourced schools in Haiti, offering faith-based hope to children living in Titanyen. Grace Academy emphasizes the development of creative and critical thinking skills and provides students with a state-of-the-art innovation lab which introduces them to coding and other app-based learning opportunities.


And it’s paying off: ninety-three percent of our 2020-21 students passed to their next grade.

Our students experience a rigorous, transformative, and Christ-cenetered education, which prepares them thrive as adults spiriutually, intellectually, and emotionally. Our curriculum promotes problem-solving, critical thinking, while giving students access to an Apple technology lab and app-based learning.

Healing Haiti funds the education of students through a monthly sponsorship program. Through sponsorship, students receive a Christ-centered education, uniform, locally-sourced lunches, access to Apple-based technology lab which promotes innovative and student-focused learning. 

Grace Academy • Titanyen

Grace Academy in Titanyen serves over 400 students (preschool-high school). Half of the students enrolled at Grace pay a minimal tuition fee, while the other half are sponsored through our school child sponsorship programEach year, three Grace Academy graduates awarded college scholarships based on acaedmic excellance, Christian character, and community involvement.


Hope school • cite soleil

Hope School in Cite Soleil serves over 350 students (preschool-2nd grade). Without the opportunity to go to school, these children would be on the streets, hungry and vulnerable to exploitation. Every Hope School student participates in our school child sponsorship program and does not pay tuition.

Staff Spotlight: Marie Joy

hope school kindergarten teacher