Oct 18, 2022

Yesterday I watched in deep frustration as the UN Security Council wrung their hands and spun their wheels regarding the deteriorating situation in Haiti, once again delaying any meaningful action.
While many Haitians fear long-term foreign occupation, the Haitians I’m speaking with recognize that temporary international support, in the form “boots on the ground”, is essential to alleviate the humanitarian catastrophe currently unfolding:
❌Cholera is quickly becoming endemic
❌Food, water and fuel are increasingly difficult to find (at any price)
❌Violent gangs continue to control key parts of Port-au-Prince and beyond
❌Haitian police routinely lack the resources to secure the safety of the people
❌Haitian ports remain almost completely blocked to any sort of traditional aid
In the midst of this unthinkable disaster, I’m grateful to be part of an organization with deep roots in Haiti, and whose Haitian-led staff continue to find creative ways to serve the most vulnerable in their midst. And in my gratitude, I’m finding the courage to pray.
➡️I’m praying for international intervention.
➡️I’m praying that, amid all the other tragedies taking place across the globe, Haiti is given the attention it needs and deserves
➡️I’m praying that the people of Haiti are given the sense of security they need to forge their own trajectory
➡️I’m praying for my Haitian friends who continue to show up for work everyday, no matter what.
If you’d like to invest in the people of Haiti by supporting a organization committed to employing, caring for, and feeding Haitians via sustainable and locally-sourced practices, please consider visiting: https://bit.ly/3tuFQ4Z
(Learn more about the situation in Haiti: https://bit.ly/3eGRGFS)