Vision Trips

A Vision/Specialty Trip to go Deeper in the Culture of Haiti


We invite to bring your visionary group to Haiti where members will not only see God’s work but will serve, themselves, as His hands and feet.

Working as a team to accomplish the common goal of serving others can change the way your mission group works together. An intimacy develops that creates a new way of looking at each other. Understanding, empathy, tolerance, and encouragement are the result of working side-by-side doing the Lord’s work.

Sharing the experience of pouring out God’s love onto others can change the way your group members will view each other forever. They will experience what it’s like to love as Christ calls us to love.

And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.

         Matthew 22:39

Join or create your vision trip to haiti today


What special gifts can you bring to our ministries in Haiti? Do you have a unique skill, are you able to make a connection, or invest in Healing Haiti?

List what some vision trip categories might be: Corporate Partners, Church Partner, Education, Medical, etc. 

Contact us and let’s change lives together.