Haddonfield Healing Haiti Team

Day 1 – Monday, October 5
Although the sun wasn’t up (and it wouldn’t be up for another few hours), 15 members of the Haddonfield Healing Haiti Team met at 3 a.m. to begin a day-long journey. Our travels would take us to Philadelphia’s airport, through Miami where we would meet our Minnesota team leader, Nick Wellen, and on to Port-au-Prince and a fascinating drive from the airport to the guest house that will be the team’s home base.
Referring to our words of the day, discussed following this evening’s dinner, each one of us are “delighted” to be undertaking this journey, although not without significant “trepidation.” We are “nervous” about what we will experience but, at the same time, “open” to personal and collective growth and “grateful” for the opportunity. Today and the days ahead will bring us face to face with the “disparity” we quickly found ourselves in as we drove through the streets of Port-au-Prince. All of us look forward to tomorrow and our first real day – meeting the children we’ve come to serve, distributing FMSC food and our donations, and giving all of us the opportunity to learn how to Iive a more mission-centric life.

Gerry, Linda, and Paul