Make Your Mission Trip to Haiti More Effective: 6 Tips


Whether you’re taking a mission trip to a third world country or venturing to a nearby region to lend a helping hand, you should always put your best foot forward to perform the tasks Jesus has called upon you to carry out.

Your mission trip abroad will put your faith into practice by spreading the gospel with those who may have never heard it or don’t believe it. Additionally, your trip will provide you with a lifetime of memories as well as eternally impact those you touch. To ensure you make the most of your missionary work in Haiti with Healing Haiti mission trips, keep the following tips in mind.
1. Keep an Open Mind
If this is your first participation in a mission trip abroad, you may witness surroundings that, at first glance, seem worlds apart from that of your homeland. Remember, God is always with you and that all people are His children even if they appear to be living much differently than we’ve been called. Push forward with compassion and kindness and know that you are fulfilling the purpose God has placed on your life.
2. Look for the Good in the Bad
Any mission trip organization can tell you a trip to a third world country will be a life-changing experience. Unfortunately, you will see conditions that may cause you to reflect upon certain aspects of life such as poverty, hunger and illness. Experiencing these differences tends to create a greater appreciation for the opportunities and blessings you’ve been given, but they can also cause you to hurt for the living situations of the people living in third world countries, such as Haiti. Find solace in the knowledge that God is the Light and the Way — and He will make clear the path toward restoration.
3. Seek All Available Opportunities to Serve
A mission trip to Haiti or another developing country is not equivalent to a walk in the park or leisurely vacation. Jesus Christ laid the foundation for loving and serving those around him, and mission trips are the perfect time for you to do the same. Whether a child needs help finding their next meal or a building needs extra TLC while it’s being restored, remind yourself of why you were called to this journey and willingly serve with an open heart and mind.
4. Keep a Journal
One unexpected tip to follow during your mission trip in Haiti may just be the most impactful upon your return. Jot down your experiences and the opportunities God presented to you while in Haiti, that way you can later reflect on your memories once you return home. Your assortment of moments will remain stored in your memory for eternity, reminding you of how awesome our lives can be when we follow the call placed on our lives.
5. Share Your Story
After collecting memories and notes, make sure to share your experience with friends and family upon your return. Let others see the positive effects of serving God and His people while being an example of what servanthood and love look like to those in Haiti. Who knows, maybe your story will inspire your friends and family to join you on your next mission trip!
6. Be Appreciative
Treasure the life God has given you. Be thankful to be in a position where you can provide assistance to those in need and appreciate all the experiences you make while in Haiti.

You’ve already put yourself in God’s hands, and now he’s preparing you to strengthen the world through your unique talents, time and treasures.
Healing Haiti is passionate about serving God through serving the people of Haiti. If you’re ready to start changing lives in Haiti, then we encourage you to sign-up for one of our upcoming mission trips to Haiti in 2018 or during the remainder of 2017!

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Mission Trips: The Best Option for You

mission trips to haiti

Embarking on a mission trips across the globe is one of the best ways to spread the Gospel while lending a helping hand to those in need. If you’ve decided to commit yourself to a mission’s opportunity, the journey that awaits you will no doubt bring you a lifetime of gratitude, transformation, spiritual growth and memories you’ll cherish forever – especially during one of Healing Haiti’s mission’s trips to Cite Soleil.

Long vs Short-Term Missions

While you may be ready to help and are prepared both physically and mentally for the journey ahead, perhaps you have some questions regarding how much time you’re ready/able to dedicate to sharing your faith and building Christ-centered relationships. If you’re debating between assisting on a short-term or long-term mission trip, here are three things to consider before finalizing your decision.

1. Financial Investment
God has called upon us to enrich the lives of others through evangelism and discipleship and one of the best ways to do so is through missionary work. Unfortunately, your finances may be the one barrier hindering your ability to fully commit yourself to a longer-term mission. While it may seem that a short-term mission is an ideal choice for the financially conscientious, shorter-term missions can often be more expensive. This is because it isn’t as economical to send a handful of people to a developing country for only a short period at the same cost in plane tickets and expenses.

If you’re looking to make a financially sound investment, a long-term missions trip may be best suited for you. You won’t spend money on a plane ticket only to have to board another plane ride back home a few weeks later.

2. Time Dedication
Any mission trip that lasts longer than one year is considered a long-term commitment. If you’re someone who wants to help but isn’t quite sure you have the resources or time to commit to longer periods of time, one of the major benefits of short-term mission trips is the ability to make an impact without necessitating a long stay abroad. If your employer disallows long breaks in work, you aren’t able to find a long-term sponsor, or if you have a need to stay at home throughout the year, you can still take pride in knowing your trip will make a difference despite the number of days you’re aiding.

If want to fully indulge in the culture of the land you’ll be experiencing, consider signing up for a long-term mission. You won’t be able to learn a new language, understand cultural differences and solidify your broadening perspective all within a matter of weeks. While any form of help is better than not taking initiative at all, accompanying a long-term mission is best when you’re able to adequately dedicate time to the cause.
3. Degree of Impact
One of the greatest benefits of long-term mission trips is the degree to which your accomplishments can be made. A longer trip equates to more time sharing your faith, encouraging redemptive conversations and aiding those in need. The results are substantial when you can dedicate longer durations of time to your mission.

Don’t be entirely discouraged by short-term mission trips if you’re aiming to make a lasting effect in a foreign community or country. Any time you’re guided by the calling of God to carry out a meaningful mission, you’ve already accomplished to show your obedience and firmness in faith. While you may not be able to spend years on end on the mission’s field, you’ll inarguably bring about greater awareness and understanding to those who need to experience the heart of God even in your short but meaningful stay.

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Join A Mission Trip With Healing Haiti

Both long-term and short-term missions can be impactful and provide a lifetime of difference both within yourself and for those in the community who you’re able to touch. Whether you embark on a journey that lasts a month or a few years, your commitment and follow-through towards God’s calling is what ultimately matters.

The Best Guide to Volunteering Abroad: Haiti Edition

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There is nothing quite as rewarding or fulfilling as the feeling you experience knowing you’ve touched the lives of countless individuals by lending a helping hand and sharing the Gospel. If you aren’t quite sure where to start or how to embark on this impactful journey you’ve been called on, consider volunteering for a mission trip abroad. When you choose to volunteer in another nation or country, you engage in a life-changing experience that will impact both you and those individuals who you aid abroad.

Preparing to Volunteer In Haiti

If you’ve decided to take the life-changing plunge into volunteering by accompanying a mission trip abroad, your first course of action will be preparing yourself before departure.  Prior and proper preparation beforehand is crucial in providing a mutually beneficiary experience for you and the people you’re serving and building redemptive relationships with. If you’re unaccustomed to the climate or region of countries such as Haiti, preparation is not the area you want to take shortcuts in. Do your research beforehand to ensure you enter the country prepared, comfortable and ready to fulfill the mission that lies ahead.

To feel more at ease with the new surroundings you’ll be experiencing, you can easily find travel tips for Haiti anywhere on the internet beforehand. Even if the surroundings are new and foreign to you, you can rest assured knowing you’ll find smiles and open hearts when you first set foot in Haiti.

Volunteering abroad in Haiti involves more than physical considerations. You’ll contemplate and experience both spiritual and divine sentiments that will last you a lifetime — a feeling which cannot be packed or prepared.

The following information is intended to serve as a guide for both the novice and veteran volunteers before embarking on a life-changing mission trip abroad to Haiti.


Find a Reputable Missions Organization

Committing to be a  volunteer abroad necessitates knowing what to expect when first stepping foot off your plane and into a new land. The best way to anticipate what your journey will consist of is to pick the ideal organization for you. There are hundreds of international volunteer organizations in the U.S., with even more forming after every natural disaster. As with every industry, some organizations are more ethical about the placements of their volunteers than others.

To be truly educated about your organization and the experience you can expect, nothing is more important than conducting plenty of research beforehand. Look for as much information about the company and its values as you can find. Here are some places to start:

  • Reviews: Check reviews from volunteers, financial donors and any other sources affiliated with the organization.
  • Forums: Find forums online that provide a platform for returning volunteers to post about their experience(s) with the various organizations they’ve assisted. Some organizations have alumni reviews as part of their website.
  • Return Volunteers: Speaking directly to return volunteers is the ideal source. If an organization refuses to put you in touch with previous participants, this is a red flag.

Before you make a commitment to your ideal organization, find out specific details about the organization’s history, prior and current missions, morals and ethics to know you will be choosing the best fit for you. These facts give you a better perspective as to how closely your interests and expectations align with the organization.

While you’re away spreading the Gospel and changing lives, you’ll be far from home in an unfamiliar country. Dealing with the unknown and not knowing what to expect can be nerve-wracking. Familiarize yourself with the process and procedure and if possible, arrange a face-to-face interview or Skype session with a representative to ask these questions:

  • What are the goals of the organization and how do my skills fit into the goals?
  • Will I receive training or any other on the ground support once I arrive?
  • How do you choose your volunteers?
  • When is my total fee due and how does that amount breakdown?
  • How is the local community involved?


Choose Healing Haiti

We are a Christ-centered ministry that believes when the cycle of poverty is broken and families are strengthened, the entire community can become empowered. We leverage resources to elevate and unify Haitian families.

We believe being in a relationship with the Haitian people allows them to reach their God-given potential. The three-pronged approach of creating jobs, educating the Haitian people and sharing God’s word through a local church helps families care for themselves even after our mission is complete. Creating the biblical model of a family unit is the foundational block on which everything else is built.

Problems such as lack of water, food, education, jobs and knowledge of God and His Grace inhibit countries like Haiti from experiencing life to the fullest degree. Help bring change to Haiti and form bonds that last a lifetime. If you’re seeking a life-changing, transformative experience that will completely alter the lens through which you see life, volunteer to serve others globally by fulfilling your God-given purpose.

Healing Haiti serves 1200 missionaries each year. We offer experiences for individuals, groups, and families with opportunities that include: delivering fresh potable water, caring for elders, engaging in activities with children, praying with individuals and bringing faith to new believers.

Cost to Volunteer Abroad in Haiti

The cost of the trip including lodging, ground transportation, interpreters, meals and an eight-day supply of bottled water is $875. Depending where you live, the time of year and how far in advance you book your flight, airline tickets are an additional $600 to $950.

Other costs to consider are:

  • Passport: Approximately $180
  • Volunteer Travel Insurance: Approximately $30
  • Immunizations and Medications: Approximately $80 — may be covered by your health insurance
  • Pocket Money: Bring around $150 in small, crisp bills for shopping the Haitian markets — wrinkled or torn bills are not accepted by most businesses in Haiti
  • Entry Fee: $10 fee paid at the airport

Another cost to consider is your employers’ policy for time off for volunteer mission trips. Some require you use PTO or vacation time to cover your unworked days. If you don’t have paid time off, you’ll need to factor in the week’s wages as part of your mission trip cost.

Larger corporations may offer to contribute to the donated items fund. Thus, it never hurts to ask for funds and donations from your employer because this is a beneficial tax write off for them that also goes to a beneficial cause.

Be Prepared Medically

Before you leave for your mission trip, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor for a thorough check-up to ensure you’re in the best physical shape to embark on your next mission. At the appointment, you should get any recommended vaccines. In addition, make sure you have enough of any prescription medications you might need while out of the country. Remember, any over the counter medications you take occasionally such as pain relief tablets or cough medicine may not be easily available abroad.

If you can’t get in to see your regular physician before leaving for your trip, you can check out the CDC travel site for specific health concerns then find a medical center with a traveler’s clinic.

packing for haiti

Pack Smart

Group leaders will provide you with a list of specifics to pack. Pack only the basics — traveling lightly is the easiest and the most optimal choice.

Your toiletries, clothes and any other personal items should fit into your carry-on bag for easy transportation and accessibility. Consider the heat and humidity without overlooking the culturally acceptable dress codes. Your group leader will give you information to make sure you bring clothes and shoes that are climate, cultural and activity appropriate for your trip.

Be Flexible and Patient

It seems redundant spending the entire guide, so far, stressing the importance of being prepared, and now say how important it is to be flexible. As you volunteer abroad in Haiti, your primary goal is to help others. Your role is to use your time, treasure and talents to fill the organization’s needs and reach the community in a life-changing way.

Even if you are assigned a mission upon arrival that is completely different than what you were prepared to do and aren’t quite sure if your responsibilities match your strengths and talents, remember the wonderful thing about being challenged. In times challenge and struggle, people grow the most. You may find talents you never even knew you had.

Just like any new experience, there may be struggles. Language barriers, varied worldviews, an unfamiliar environment and adjusting new sensory experiences may be at first foreign to you. You’ll be frustrated at times and may make mistakes. Knowing this is normal won’t make your journey easier, but it will let you know how human your experience truly is.

The only way to not make mistakes is to not try anything new. However, this ultimately defeats the purpose of your mission to help. At times, one must do things wrong before learning to do them right. This is called the learning experience. Be patient with yourself and flexible with the situation at hand, and your goal to be part of a life-changing, transformative and purpose-driven mission trip abroad will be met.

mission trips to haiti

Document Your Experience

Document your experience by compiling photos, journaling, sketching, and blogging. No matter how long or how short your mission trip abroad is, when you look back it will look like a whirlwind of hard work, learning, exploring and meaningful connections that provide a lifetime of happiness.

Documenting throughout your mission ensures that the most important moments of your journey never fade away. If staying connected with friends and family during your mission trip abroad isn’t possible because of technology restraints, documenting is even more important.

If you’re artistically inclined, a five-minute sketch of children playing and laughing will bring you back to that exact moment every time you see the drawing. If photography is more to your liking, you can capture powerful images to remind yourself and others why volunteering abroad in Haiti is an amazing experience for both individuals and collective groups. However, when photographing people in difficult situations or those who are generally suffering, always remember to be respectful of their human dignity. If you’re unsure, ask them or simply do not take the picture.

Journaling is a wonderful way to record daily events with all the nuances of each experience. When you return home, people will want to know about your mission trip abroad and what your experience entailed. Being able to focus on specific moments such as the funniest event, the strangest food you ate or the most satisfying accomplishment you achieved helps illustrate the experience through a story.

Answering questions like “What was the country like?” or “Did you like it?” dilutes the purpose of volunteering abroad. For someone who has never done a mission trip abroad, these are the types of questions they will generally be intrigued by and ask. Telling a story enhances the purpose, the transformative experience and the goals accomplished. This also clarifies the difference between a mission trip abroad and a vacation to those who don’t understand the difference.


Answer the Calling

We’re all called to love the people God puts in our path. At Healing Haiti, we are a Christ-centered ministry that exists to strengthen families and make the world better because of it. Our values are:

  • Faith: By living our faith, we share who Jesus is.
  • Family: God’s design to raise children in a family structure should be our goal.
  • Elevate and Empower: Being in a relationship with the Haitians and allowing them to use their God-given potential is essential. We use the tools of education, job creation and the Church to empower.

God has worked through the Healing Haiti ministry to coordinate life-changing experiences. Whether you want to create change in the world for God’s people or share your faith and connect more closely with God, Healing Haiti will prepare you for a meaningful mission trip and journey.

Healing Haiti is a trusted short-term missions’ organization. We give all the glory to God for working in us and through us to share faith, heal and love the Haitian people. God has allowed us to see both the lives of our volunteers and the Haitians touched by His grace. It is a blessing that sustains and nourishes our faith.

If you choose to answer the call, you will see why many of our volunteers say they receive more than they give. Mission work in Haiti blesses you with a different worldview that you will carry with you throughout the entirety of your life. As you care for sick babies, spend time with abandoned children, visit with the elderly, acquire fresh water, pray with the Haitian people and generate faith amongst a new group of people, your heart will be at once broken and rebuilt by God.

Come to us with an open and loving heart, and we promise your life will be changed forever. You will experience the most difficult and fulfilling work you have ever done. In a short period of time, you will witness transformations, moments of regained dignity, and compassion on a level only the hand of God can provide. You will be caught up in the joy and enthusiasm the Haitian people naturally share with those who come to help them regain their lives.

If you feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit, take the leap and contact Healing Haiti to get more information about our short-term mission trips.