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The Best Guide to Volunteering Abroad: Haiti Edition

There is nothing quite as rewarding or fulfilling as the feeling you experience knowing you’ve touched the lives of countless individuals by lending a helping hand and sharing the Gospel. If you aren’t quite sure where to start or how to embark on this impactful journey you’ve been called on, consider volunteering for a mission […]

Top Ways You Can Help Haiti in 2017

Many people are wanting to know how to help Haiti now. The needs of the people and the situation of the country changes. If you are looking for how you can help Haiti in 2017, these points explain the most important ways you can support the mission to heal Haiti. Donate to Haiti Donating supplies […]

Top 3 Misconceptions About Traveling to Haiti

Some myths about Haiti cause concern for people wanting to plan mission trips to Haiti in 2017. Like all mission trips abroad, mission trip organization, preparation and knowledge are necessary for a safe and successful experience. Myths About Haiti The most common myths about Haiti center on crime, disease and natural disasters. These myths are […]