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Short-Term Missions Trip Guide

Haiti Short Term Missions Trip Guide His Hands His Feet His Work His Love Welcome We are so grateful that you are considering a short-term mission trip to Haiti. We want you to have a great trip — so please read this guide carefully.  It is full of helpful information about the mission and what […]

Make Your Mission Trip to Haiti More Effective: 6 Tips

Whether you’re taking a mission trip to a third world country or venturing to a nearby region to lend a helping hand, you should always put your best foot forward to perform the tasks Jesus has called upon you to carry out. Your mission trip abroad will put your faith into practice by spreading the […]

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Mission Trips: The Best Option for You

Embarking on a mission trips across the globe is one of the best ways to spread the Gospel while lending a helping hand to those in need. If you’ve decided to commit yourself to a mission’s opportunity, the journey that awaits you will no doubt bring you a lifetime of gratitude, transformation, spiritual growth and […]