Make Your Mission Trip to Haiti More Effective: 6 Tips


Whether you’re taking a mission trip to a third world country or venturing to a nearby region to lend a helping hand, you should always put your best foot forward to perform the tasks Jesus has called upon you to carry out.

Your mission trip abroad will put your faith into practice by spreading the gospel with those who may have never heard it or don’t believe it. Additionally, your trip will provide you with a lifetime of memories as well as eternally impact those you touch. To ensure you make the most of your missionary work in Haiti with Healing Haiti mission trips, keep the following tips in mind.
1. Keep an Open Mind
If this is your first participation in a mission trip abroad, you may witness surroundings that, at first glance, seem worlds apart from that of your homeland. Remember, God is always with you and that all people are His children even if they appear to be living much differently than we’ve been called. Push forward with compassion and kindness and know that you are fulfilling the purpose God has placed on your life.
2. Look for the Good in the Bad
Any mission trip organization can tell you a trip to a third world country will be a life-changing experience. Unfortunately, you will see conditions that may cause you to reflect upon certain aspects of life such as poverty, hunger and illness. Experiencing these differences tends to create a greater appreciation for the opportunities and blessings you’ve been given, but they can also cause you to hurt for the living situations of the people living in third world countries, such as Haiti. Find solace in the knowledge that God is the Light and the Way — and He will make clear the path toward restoration.
3. Seek All Available Opportunities to Serve
A mission trip to Haiti or another developing country is not equivalent to a walk in the park or leisurely vacation. Jesus Christ laid the foundation for loving and serving those around him, and mission trips are the perfect time for you to do the same. Whether a child needs help finding their next meal or a building needs extra TLC while it’s being restored, remind yourself of why you were called to this journey and willingly serve with an open heart and mind.
4. Keep a Journal
One unexpected tip to follow during your mission trip in Haiti may just be the most impactful upon your return. Jot down your experiences and the opportunities God presented to you while in Haiti, that way you can later reflect on your memories once you return home. Your assortment of moments will remain stored in your memory for eternity, reminding you of how awesome our lives can be when we follow the call placed on our lives.
5. Share Your Story
After collecting memories and notes, make sure to share your experience with friends and family upon your return. Let others see the positive effects of serving God and His people while being an example of what servanthood and love look like to those in Haiti. Who knows, maybe your story will inspire your friends and family to join you on your next mission trip!
6. Be Appreciative
Treasure the life God has given you. Be thankful to be in a position where you can provide assistance to those in need and appreciate all the experiences you make while in Haiti.

You’ve already put yourself in God’s hands, and now he’s preparing you to strengthen the world through your unique talents, time and treasures.
Healing Haiti is passionate about serving God through serving the people of Haiti. If you’re ready to start changing lives in Haiti, then we encourage you to sign-up for one of our upcoming mission trips to Haiti in 2018 or during the remainder of 2017!